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Source: Totalcar.hu, Zsolt Csikós, 4th October 2014 

„The company operates one of its crown jewels, the development department of its most modern and most dynamically developing branch in Hungary. 350 highly qualified engineers and technicians can feel themselves in an exceptional situation in the Budapest office of ThyssenKrupp Presta: … they are involved in one of the fastest and most excitingly spinning vortexes of the industry, in the development process of one of the most important components of the car.”

„This is engineering work at its finest…”  

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Source: Iho.hu, Attila Vörös, 18th September 2014

„We acknowledged really by all means that the team is highly professional, and the products come through in the most expensive and biggest cars as well.”

„As the only location where software development takes place within ThyssenKrupp’s Business Unit Steering, the Hungarian development centre with around 350 employees is considered to be among the best ones in the world in its professional field.”

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Source: Napi Gazdaság Online / MTI, 17th September 2014

„BMW and Daimler are also applying the Hungarian development”

“The Budapest competence centre with around 350 employees has been continuously growing in the last 15 years. ThyssenKrupp in Hungary develops steering systems among others for BMW and Daimler as well…”

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Source: Technokrata.hu, Miklós Kiss, 18th September 2014

“Electromechanical steering system developed by Hungarians is world success”

“Hungary has become a real great power in the development of steering systems of the future…”

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Source: Elektronet Online, Péter Kovács, 18th September 2014

„For years, leading automotive manufacturers of the world have already noticed the special electromechanical steering systems developed in the Budapest competence centre of ThyssenKrupp, thus these systems can be found in more than 1 million passenger cars worldwide on the roads today.”

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Source: Magyar Nemzet Online (mno.hu) / MTI, 18th September 2014

„… in the Budapest centre which belongs to ThyssenKrupp Business Unit Steering producing one quarter of the steering columns installed in cars worldwide, the engineers develop steering systems which apply electromechanical servo mechanism instead of the conventional hydraulic system taking up energy continuously.”

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Source: Autonavigator.hu, Mátyás Katona, 23rd September 2014

„Hungarian steering system in German premium cars”

„… Hungarian engineers as genial as possible and enthusiastic over their profession…”

„It was spectacular how much the driveability, the characteristic and the maneuverability of the car can be improved only by a software update.”

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Source: Duna TV - Novum, 25th October 2014 (0:58-5:27)